Wasem Packaging was started in 1963 in the home of Don and Evelyn Wasem, packing small parts for military sales.
Within the next few years the country became involved with the Vietnam war. The packaging grew into the garage behind our home.. In 1967 the packaging became
to large for our garage, so for the first time we had to move the company out on it's own to a building on Sullivant Avenue about three blocks from our home.
In 1983 we had grown to now include the garage next to the building, and still was packed with no room to work. We found a new building on Harrison Road,
On July 1, 1984 we moved again. This time we moved into a building twice as big as what we had. Thinking that this should last for awhile, yet the building was full in
the first year. We had to repair and modify the two rear buildings from just storage to usable space. In 1988 we change our name to include our growing
department, ("Crating" ) to become Wasem Packaging and Crating Service Division of Evdon Corp. In 1996 We had outgrown our buildings we needed a truck dock
and more room to work. After all the city permits and drawings we started on June 20,1997 with three trucks docks.

Wasem Packaging & Crating Service
for all your packing and crating needs.
As new customers heard about us, the more we grew. At this time there were only a few people doing packaging of any type. In 1970 the company grew to include all
of the building on Sullivant but also the back of the building two doors down. 1970 was also the year we became known as Wasem Packaging Service Division Of
Evdon Corporation.
These were completed on September 15th 1997. At that time we started on a 10,000 Sq.Ft. Addition on the back side of the docks.  The new building was completed
on May 5th 1998. November 15, 2001 We purchased the building next to us giving us another 8,000 sq feet. In May of 2003 we started the last addition of 8,000 sq
feet plus 3 more docks completed December 2004. This has made us one of the largest Packaging & Crating Services in Central Ohio
We Are:
Father, Founder, Friend
9-4-33 to 12-12-06
Donald M. Wasem
With the passing of Donald M. Wasem the company founder, the company has changed, with the strong educational and experience of the next generation the
company has gained a new life and direction. We have added new equipment with larger capabilities. Short term storage at a reasonable price. Cameras for
pictures as product being crated and shipped and a state of the art alarm system with cameras thu out the buildings.

                                                                                   We are looking forward to doing all your crating in Ohio.

2591 Harrison Road
Columbus, Ohio 43204
Phone: (614) 279-6413
Fax: (614) 279-2736